About us

Hi! I’m Fabienne Dumlao the owner and designer behind Kuiki. I was
born and raised in Switzerland and moved to Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi in 2017
because I met my husband. He is a local boy born and raised in ʻEwa
Beach. If you ever visited one of the pop-up markets where I sell
jewelry, you have most likely seen him!

During the 2020 pandemic, I collected more shells than ever before. I
wanted to turn them into jewelry for myself and my friends, so I slowly
taught myself how to solder with help from Google and YouTube. In
addition, I took a few classes at Bead it! Kaimukī to get some helpful
tips from the OG’s there.

When I opened my Etsy shop back in 2020 I had to find a name. I
wanted it to be Hawaiian but still represent me. I spoke with one of my
closest friends about it and asked him if it would be disrespectful to
name my business in Hawaiian. He said, “Not at all!” and gave me the
idea to name it Kuiki, which means Swiss in Hawaiian.

I also love to be social, so I decided to give the pop-up markets a try.
December 5th 2021, I attended my first market in Kailua at Aloha Home
Market. It was great! Ever since then I try to show up to as many
markets as possible around Oʻahu.

So much about me and Kuiki. ❤️
Please remember if you collect your own shells to always take empty
shells only. Only take what you need, respect the land and its people,
and always take trash out of the ocean or from the beach!